About us

Conceptualised by R. Vaidhyanathan (fondly known in the hospitality industry as “Murali”) in the year 2011, Travel India & Beyond took form to cater to the ever growing demand from the domestic market. TIB is well known for its unrivalled product knowledge and personal services, be it to an individual traveller, group traveller or a corporate event.

Murali is backed with the experience of more than thirty years in the travel industry, having worked with major companies like Mercury Travels, Travel House and Cox & Kings.

Being an independent company, our recommendations and selections are based entirely upon our own views and experiences. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer detailed insight into select destinations, assisting the traveller in making the right choices and putting it all together for them, from designing the perfect tour plan to making sure that our guests have the best experience, all in a seamless package.

Although we have a small team, we at TIB work with a network of the best travel consultants who are like family to Murali, having worked with him for the past 30 years. The mutual understanding that they share among them, reflects in the quality of service that our travellers get to experience.

Travel; be it for business or bliss has become a part of everyday life in ways no one could have imagined. Whilst advances in technology make it possible to travel nearly anywhere, anytime, there is also an overwhelming flood of information about the choices available that makes a prospective traveller grind entirely to a halt. Try a web search on a travel related phrase or try reading the travel section of a newspaper and you would see what we mean. The whole world is out there, waiting for you and every destination, hotel, package looks good but we know – and you know – that not all are.

Whether you’re a nature lover who enjoys long meandering walks, a thrill seeker who likes adventure sports, a history buff who loves to explore the wonders of the past, or someone who wants to soak up some sun by the beach sipping Piña Coladas; we at TIB work round the clock to fulfil our travellers’ every fancy.


Travelling and organizing travel for others has been MURALI’S passion. With more than 3 decades in the travel business, of which 12 years were with Cox & Kings. Enriched with experience of handling wide variety of tours ranging from special expeditions and treks to the Zanskar Valley; the Amarnath Yatra and the Gangotri, the desert camps and Pushkar fair in Rajasthan, the beaches of Goa & Kerala and the temples of Southern India. Murali has extensive knowledge in location coordination for Film and Documentary shoots for NHK Japan, Corporate Conferences, luxury Chartered flight groups and ground handling of Cruise ships. Murali has been a globe trotter organizing month long Europe tour to quick getaways to Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Sri Lanka.

Apart from travel, Murali’s only other passion is Cooking, not only for his family & friends but also on tours for his travellers. On occasion you can find him regaling his travellers with his experiences over a glass of wine.

Creating and nurturing Travel India & Beyond has been Murali’s, dream come true.

MANJARI Started working with Micato Tours & Travels India Pvt. Ltd. as an assistant to the MD, a company which specializes in handling luxury cruise-liners, museum groups and deluxe groups.

During her tenure with Micato, she had the opportunity to handle very high profile luxury cruise travellers, catering to their on-land tours. In addition to this she also had the opportunity to work with several museum groups like Metropolitan Museum of Art, Princeton University and the groups of Mr. Olivier Bernier, the great historian, lecturer and author. Each and every group gave her the opportunity to learn something new.

Simple yet perceptive, she has a keen eye and a clever understanding that never fails to impress. Affectionate by nature her motherly instincts kick in while catering to the needs of her travellers.

Assisting them is APARNA, who specializes in International tourism. Her knowledge in World history, cultures and languages, reflects in the itineraries she customizes. She is also our in house professional photographer and film maker.

Under Murali’s guidance, his team at TIB works round the clock to ensure that you, our Guests have the most memorable travel experience! Just leave the planning to us, sit back and relax!